Shorter - Narrower - Lighter - Faster

More performance based ergonomics from 125 g.

The raised rear gives more grip and better power transmission.

A big advantage is on straight roads and especially uphill.

The stronger narrower mid-section and the narrow saddle nose gives more legroom.

The proven SQlab ERGOWAVE® form relieves the soft tissue area and prevents energy- consuming bad posture.

The saddle shell is weight and flex optimized down to the last detail.

More longitudinal stiffness and perfectly coordinated material flex to the side mean more comfort with less weight at the same time.

The cover is extremely light but also abrasion-resistant and non-slip. The padding is closed-cell and strongly minimised.

The comfort comes from the shape and the flex behaviour between rail - shell - foam, which is coordinated as an overall system.

Racers combine the saddle with the SQ-Short One12. 

SQlab 612R Ergowave Carbon Saddle

  • Width in cm -12, 13, 14

    Area of use - Road & MTB Race

    Length (mm) - 252

    Weight (g) -125

    Hardness in SQ-shore -60

    Relief of perineal area (%) - 63

    Material Rails - Carbon fibre (oval shape 7mm x 9,6mm)

    Material Cover - B78

    Material Padding - Super light

    max. Weight (kg) - 90

    Material Base - Carbon fibre reinforced

    Gender - Unisex: Due to the sit bone measurement and the step saddle concept, it is not necessary to differentiate between men and women