The 604 active has the same construction as the top of the range 602 active. Just the padding is kept a little softer. This makes the 604 ideal for both medium length and short rides on the trekking and city bike. The design is plain and black so it will aesthetically suit any bike. The high quality cover material has already proven itself on the new Ergowave models. This provides the 604 active with an exceptional value for money.

A perfect pressure distribution from a medical perspective is ensured through use of SQlab’s tried and proven step saddle profile. The sensitive soft tissue areas are equally relieved for both men and women. Thanks to SQlab's active saddle technology, the saddle can follow the pedalling motion and the degree of movement can be adjusted to the rider’s weight. This slight movement allows the spinal discs to be mobilised while also reducing the pressure to the sitbones.

SQlab 604 Active Saddle

  • Available Widths in cm 14, 15, 16, 17
    Area of use Trekking
    Length (mm) 280
    Weight (g) 443, 448, 452, 459
    Hardness in SQ-shore 40
    Relief of perineal area (%) 70
    Material Rails CrMo
    Material Cover C84 F24
    Material Padding Trekking Foam
    active Technology 2 active-sticks (removable)
    max. Weight (kg) 130