The entry into the SQlab world - soft for the short distance.

Soft and comfortable for short distances (up to 45 minutes), the new 601 ERGOLUX® is a born for beginners, even if training condition and habituation of the sit bones are not at the highest level, on the city and trekking bike. The pressure distribution of the body weight is carried out by the proven SQlab stepped saddle form according to medical aspects. With a perineal relief of 55 % and four different widths, the sensitive areas are equally well relieved for men and women.

SQlab 601 Ergolux Saddle

  • Width in cm - 14

    Weight (g) - 335

    Area of use - Trekking / City

    Length (mm) - 260

    Hardness in SQ-shore - 55

    Relief of perineal area (%) - 40

    Material Rails - Black Steel

    Material Cover - F43-01 BLK

    Material Padding - PU

    max. Weight (kg) - 130

    Gender - Unisex: Due to the sitbone measurement and the step saddle concept, it is not necessary to differentiate between men and women.