The SQ-Short ONE11 is equipped with the SQ-Pad 11, a maximum 6mm thin and tight padding. The pad consists of a dense and at the same time  breathable foam, which is equipped with a thin layer of TPE gel on the underside. This serves for the optimal absorption of the shearing forces arising during the pedalling movement.

Another special feature of the SQ-Short ONE11 are the removable SAS-Tec Tripleflex protectors at the level of the femoral neck and hip joint. These are designed to protect the sensitive neck of the femur, especially in the event of falls.


SQlab Short ONE11 bib shorts

  • The SQ-Short ONE11 was developed for the highest demands in cycling. Highly elastic and extremely breathable materials improve performance and ensure the finest comfort levels. Apart from the straps, back panel and thigh seams, the SQ-Shorts ONE11 are made of a High Performance fabric precisely created for sports applications. This fabric has optimal thermoregulating properties and in combination with the Flatlock stitched seams ensures a perfect fit without any uncomfortable pressure zones. The shoulder straps are made from a premium quality elastic mesh material and feel like a second skin which adapts well to any body shape. The highly breathable material used for the entire back section transports sweat in the most direct path to the outside. A wide seam panel ensures good hold without inhibiting blood circulation.
    The SQlab trouser pads SQ-Pad 10 and SQ-Pad 11 have a thin layer of an orthopedic TPE gel. This gel has been specially developed to absorb the shear forces in the medical field and thus to avoid friction. Everyone that rides regularly knows that for rides of over 30 min duration, a saddle with thin firm padding is considerably more comfortable than a saddle with thick soft padding. The same is true for a chamois. Most chamois are about 12 mm thick and soft - UNTIL NOW!
    Main Fabric: 71 % Polyamide, 29 % Elastane
    Mesh: 86 % Polyamide, 14 % Elastane