Our ONE10 short is a pure underpants and is optimized for this use.

The SQlab underpants for all who don't like skintight Lycra shorts. True to the motto: No Lycra, No Strava, No Problem.

The SQ-Pad 10 is maximum 8 mm thin and still tight. The pad consists of a dense and at the same time extremely breathable foam, which is equipped with a thin layer of a TPE gel on the underside. This serves for the optimal absorption of the shearing forces arising during the pedalling movement. 

SQlab Short ONE10

  • The SQ Short One10 is made for everyday use and has an ideal cut to wear under your trousers.

    • maximum 8 mm thick & firm
    • has a thin layer of orthopaedic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
    • the TPE is specially designed to absorb shear forces
    • universally suitable for any seat bone distance