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The light piece from Tune is a masterpiece of milling art. The inspiration for the extraordinary design was obtained in half-timbered constructions familiar from cranes, houses and bridges. The look of the truss design plays only a subordinate and the design fulfills primarily a technical purpose. When driving a seat post undergoes especially bending loads that generate tensile and compressive stresses. The truss structure is ideal for the loads occurring and it is the same stability of a conventional support achieved at a significantly lower weight. Tune saves 40 grams of weight through the elaborate cutouts. And even on the filigree clamping bar milling is done to save the last gram. Tune also likes to accept a 20-minute longer milling time.

Technical specifications:

intended use : Marathon, cross country, road bike
Material support: aluminum 7075
Material rocker: aluminum 7075
Material claw / beam: aluminum 7075
Material screws: steel
Length: 420 mm
Diameter: 27.2 mm
Offset: 0 mm
min insertion depth: 90 mm
Colors: black, silver, red, gold, orange, blue or poison green

In stock: Black, for all other colours, please contact us.

Weight: 177g

Scope of delivery: 1x seat post

Leichtes Stück Aluminium Seatpost

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