The 16° backsweep provides a natural transition from lower arm to the hand. This is especially important with handlebars of width greater than 700 mm.

The 10mm forward reach almost make up for the reduced reach which the higher sweep provides. The 5° upsweep bring the elbows into a perfect position for a dynamic riding style.

Only the best in materials are used. Careful and precise bending and manufacturing processes make the SQlab 311 one of the most advanced handlebars on the market.

The backsweep largely stems from the motocross arena where a similar backsweep and upsweep is custom. Only if the ergonomics are 100% perfect, you can ride at maximum pace and your body endure the associated high strain in the long run.

The handlebar may not be used at bikeparks and for downhill-bikes.

Also available in 27.0 mm along with a reduction shim for 31.8 mm stems. The smaller diameter increases the bar‘s flex properties. The shim - available in both plastic or aluminium – ensures a good fit of the bar in the stem and reduces the stress raisers at the edge of the stem.

The pictured stem is not included in the scope of delivery.

SQlab 311 2.0 Handlebar 31.8

  • Area of use - MTB Tech & Trail

    Weight (g) - approx. 320

    Clamping (mm) - 31.8

    Width in (mm) - 740

    Shortened maximum width (mm) - 700

    Rise (mm) - 15 (low) 25 (med) 50 (high)

    Backsweep (°) - 16

    Upsweep (°) - 2.5

    Downsweep (°) - 0

    Stretch (mm) - 10

    Material - Aluminium