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High performance brake pads for use with Formula's 4-piston CURA4 brakes.


- Sintered
- Organic

- Long life


- Very constant and high braking power at all speeds
- Excellent wear resistance in muddy conditions
- No fading at high temperatures

- Very good initial bite
- Very quiet
- Good all round feeling
- High braking power at low speeds


Long life:

- Semi-metallic compound

- High performance, unmatched longevity

- Available for Cura, Cura X and Cura 4

- Specifically developed for the demands of e-bikes and cargo bikes, the long life pads are also a great choice for riders who live in areas with particularly abrasive dirt and those who want high-performance fit-and-forget braking. In testing the long-life pads last twice as long as sintered pads and four times as long as organic pads.


Formula Brake Pads for CURA4

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