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Over 20 years of experience.

FORMULA was founded in *1987* by Andrea Becocci and his wife and partner Daniela Frati in Prato, Italy. The objective early on was to design and manufacture quality wheels and brakes for motorcycles. However, in *1993*, development of MTB disc brakes changed the direction and the history of the biking industry and most importantly of FORMULA.

FORMULA was the first company to successfully produce and distribute disc brakes for MTBs creating a market that is today crowded with competitors as well as professional and hobbyist riders. Diverse disc brakes are now assembled on a multitude of bicycle brands yet FORMULA remains true to its roots. FORMULA employees work in a technology driven environment, allowing them to enhance production in terms of quality and quantity. Constant monitoring of every process ‑ both inside and outside the company ‑ assures high quality standards which allowed FORMULA to obtain UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 quality certification (TUV Italia), a further assurance of high quality for FORMULA clients and our internal staff.

Today FORMULA remains an independent family owned company and a very successful competitor in the bicycle and motorcycle industry. The headquarters located in the heart of the Tuscany, Italy works closely together with subsidiaries in Germany, France, the US, Canada and Taiwan to provide unique and highly crafted components, such as disc brakes, forks and wheels, around the globe.








EightyOneSpices is Australia's only qualified Service Centre for Formula Suspension and Brakes.  Feel free to drop us a line and enquire about your servicing needs.

Check out our FAQ section as that may answer your question.




All parts for Formula suspension and brakes are avaliable upon request.  See your local formula dealer or drop us a line direct


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Our vision includes:

  • Perpetuating our stature in break-through design and production of hydraulic disc brakes.

  • Establishing and solidifying a position in the design and production of suspension forks and wheels.

  • Creating a global network for promotion and distribution of all Formula products and services.

  • Increasing the availability of our products to meet the various market demands.

  • Continuously designing and conceiving new products with high technology and quality standards.

  • Maintaining our standing as a benchmark in product design and standardization.

  • Continuously improving the products by implementing newest production technologies.

  • Reducing the impact of manufacturing on the environment.

  • Promoting environment awareness of all our employees.

  • Building new production facilities that take advantage of modern technologies.

Policies for Product Quality and Environmental Protection

Formula has made it part of its mission to protect the environment from the impacts of manufacturing. Formula’s Policy for Environmental Protection and Quality are principles created to provide the best products and services while maintaining a high level of respect and protection for the environment.

To ensure we follow our Policy, we conform to UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Standards. Since 2003 Formula has maintained ISO 9001 Quality Certification. 



Production and the Environment

Formula has been manufacturing hydraulic disc brakes for bicycles and motorcycles since 1987. Apart from brakes, Formula is expanding its products portfolio by offering a line of high end suspension forks for bicycles and motorcycles, and performance wheels for bicycles.As technology and products continually evolve, Formula strives to maintain and improve the standards of quality and efficiency. Our primary goal is the full satisfaction of our customers through product excellence, to respect and protect the Environmental and Safety Protocol, and the improvement of company and product performance.



Company and the Environment

Formula implemented a system for quality and environmental protection that describes the structure, processes, procedures, and resources Formula uses to carry out its production. The purpose is to ensure the needs and expectations of our customers are satisfied with constant control over the environmental impact.Our management system follows the DEMING process (PDCA= Plan, Do, Check, Act). In its core it is an organizational system which is subject to continuous surveys and revisions.



Hazardous Material

Formula has always selected materials and adopted industrial processes that reduce our environmental impact. Strict observance of laws pertaining to harmful substances such as lead, cadmium, mercury, asbestos, hexavalent chrome, and phthalates are always followed. We educate our customers and partners on correct procedures used when handling hazardous substances.



Green Packaging & Waste Separation

All of our packaging is made with recycled material. (Comment: ⇒insert photo of recycle stamp on our boxes)Reducing the dimensions of our packages to increase the number of products shipped in a single box to lower overall CO2 emissions.For years Formula offices and production facilities have separated material for recycling and waste reduction.



Indirect Environmental Impacts

Our commitment to eco-friendly practices broadens to our distributors, service centers, and shipping partners. For example, we select shipping and freight companies who minimize their CO2 emissions to ensure our overall CO2 footprint is as small as possible. Formula focuses on choosing partners who themselves commit to minimize their environmental impact.


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